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We are so grateful to the family who donated the sibling memory boxes to Mollie's big brother and sister. I had never heard of sibling memory boxes until we received these. At the time of losing Mollie I was given a memory box, but there was nothing really for the children to help them. These boxes are full of so many items that have really helped them. We read the book alot and it has helped them both understand baby loss a little better and to feel less alone. They both sleep with the soft toy and they write letters to their sister in the note book. We are now raising money so Naya's Wish sibling memory boxes can be supplied to our local hospital to help other families. Thank you to Naya's family for their amazing work in helping others

- Kathryn Rigg, 21st December 2020

We received a beautiful sibling box at Christmas time. It felt so special to open a box that had so many thoughtful and helpful things. My daughter loved it and it helped make it a special time remembering our other daughter together. Thank you.

- Elestren Vassalli, 10th March 2020

We received our beautiful sibling box today and my 4-year-old daughter absolutely loves it. She turned on the candle and went to put it straight onto her sister’s cabinet. The notebook now has a picture of Kaitlyn’s garden on the first page. The gorgeous soft rabbit was immediately named “Kaitlyn Bunny” and taken up for bedtime. She loves having a special box for herself and has already added some of the things she associates with Kaitlyn to the box. Thank you so much Naya’s Wish, it’s so important that siblings are supported with bereavement and it’s amazing for parents to have some resources to help with this.

- Roxanne Burrows, 25th February 2020

After sadly losing our daughter Madeline, we were given our sibling box by the midwives at Frimley hospital to give to our 4 year old daughter Isabelle. She was excited to see what was inside and wasn’t disappointed. The items inside have helped to explain what happened and have bought her great comfort. She still turns on her tealight at bedtime that sits in front of her picture of Madeline’s 12 week scan. We enjoyed seeing the happiness it bought to her and in turn gave my husband and I something to smile about. We are so grateful to Naya’s Wish for making something full of positivity and joy for families  during such a difficult time. Thank you for the effort and time you have dedicated into making these wonderful boxes. Sarah, Dave and Isabelle x x

- Sarah Moyse, 11th January 2021

My daughter received her box, and it’s been a firm favourite ever since. At 8 years old she was aware of her brothers absence and having something of her own for when she needed to process was priceless. Her favourite was the LED candle, something I'd never have thought to give her, yet every evening she has it lit up. The notebook is full of stories and pictures and gave her a way to channel her own sibling grief. Also the bracelet, something she wears proudly. The box is now battered, however that's through extensive use, and a testament to how cherished it has been.

- Gemma Stringer-Robb  18th February 2020

I received my sibling memory box from Naya's wish for Christmas,  It was donated by a lovely family in memory of a beautiful baby girl. I've been  living without my sisters for just over 13 years and  this is the first thing I've been given in the way of support or keepsakes. The  contents of the Box is absolutely beautiful. Each item is carefully selected  to bring comfort in a different way. They can be made for any age from a baby to 16 so every bereaved sibling is supported. It's so nice to finally have a little something  especially for me that I can keep forever.  Nothing will ever be enough because the truth is they  should be here but thanks to this amazing  charity my grief journey has been made a little more bearable.  Thank you so much for the continued and invaluable support and love you have shown me

- Ellie (15) 4th March 2021

We received a Naya’s Wish Sibling Box after the loss of our son Noah. We felt that his older brother Aiden needed something that would show that we acknowledge his feelings and that it’s okay to not be okay over losing his brother. The box is well thought out and has everything and more for what you’d expect it to have in it. It’s amazing that there is something that acknowledges that siblings grieve too and hopefully makes them feel less alone.

- Shannen 13th May 2021

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