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Naya's wish is a non-profit charity set up after our daughter Naya was stillborn in January 2019. We are a sibling support charity, and provide sibling memory boxes for children after the death of their brother or sister.

Our sibling memory boxes contain specially selected keepsakes that offer comfort to children after their sibling dies. We organise sibling playdates, coffee mornings for families and fundraising events. Please see the donation page if you wish to donate to help us continue with our work. 


We are so grateful to the family who donated the sibling memory boxes to Mollie's big brother and sister. I had never heard of sibling memory boxes until we received these. At the time of losing Mollie I was given a memory box, but there was nothing really for the children to help them. These boxes are full of so many items that have really helped them. We read the book alot and it has helped them both understand baby loss a little better and to feel less alone. They both sleep with the soft toy and they write letters to their sister in the note book. We are now raising money so Naya's Wish sibling memory boxes can be supplied to our local hospital to help other families. Thank you to Naya's family for their amazing work in helping others

- Kathryn Rigg, 21st December 2020

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